The Abandoned Institutions of Western Wayne County

DSC_0960One of the more interesting contrasts you’ll find in the Plymouth and Northville area is the co-existence of prison facilities alongside lavish luxury homes. After closing several years ago, the Robert Scott Correctional Facility (AKA Women’s Prison) in Northville Township is being demolished. The work has been going on for some weeks now and the buildings are coming down one after another.  No word yet on what will become of this prime real estate on the northwest corner of Beck Road and 5 Mile. I’m sure no one will miss the rows of razor wire topped fencing and concrete watch towers.


But just west along 5 Mile still stands the also closed Western Wayne Correctional Facility formerly known as the Detroit House of Correction.  I like the old name better. I’m sure this complex will also be demolished one day. Located on the outskirts of Detroit, there were once many institutional facilities here including the old Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital (planned for development), the Wayne County Training School (now luxury homes and a strip mall), and Maybury Sanatorium (now Maybury State Park).

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