City of Northville Real Estate Values Increasing Year over Year

The City of Northville Real Estate market showed relative strength in 2010 vs. 2009 as the economy began to recover in western Wayne County. The resurgence of Automotive and the overall stabilization of the region, combined with the Federal Tax Credit in 2010, all contributed to stronger consumer confidence and better values.

For 2010 vs. 2009, we’ve seen approx. 9 % fewer homes sold (31 vs. 34) but the average selling price increased from $232,313 in 2009 to $277,532 in 2010. Given the relatively small number of sales in the City and the effect of a few high value sales in 2010, the data can be a little misleading. Nevertheless, the trend does show an increase in both average and median sales prices year over year.  During the early part of 2010, the Tax Credit seemed to drive an increase in buying activity although some of this can be explained as ‘pull ahead’ sales.  The City of Northville Real Estate market has always remained attractive due to the historic homes, downtown shopping and restaurants, school system, parks, and much, much more.

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