Plymouth City and Township Average Sales Prices in 2015

With November data in and the year drawing to close, it’s time to look back at the pricing trends in the City and Township of Plymouth over the past year and let the data speak.

City of Plymouth Average Residential Home Sales Price Last 10 Years

City of PlymouthIn the City of Plymouth, average prices continue at record highs far exceeding pre-recession highs.  Demand is very high, inventory is low, and tear down/new construction activity continues at a fever pitch. Driving around town, homes are disappearing faster than we can keep track of! Downtown Plymouth continues to be a destination of choice for many buyers although the increase in prices have limited those who can actually afford to live here. While prices aren’t rising like they were few years ago, well maintained homes with good locations and reasonable prices can still draw multiple offers and even sell over asking price.

Township of Plymouth Average Residential Home Sales Price Last 10 Years

Plymouth TownshipIn the Township of Plymouth, prices are still strong and rising slightly. With limited space for new development, existing homes sales are somewhat protected from new construction competition. Like Northville, the area has seen a lot of corporate relocation activity both in and outbound.

As always, homes with the best locations, in move-in ready condition, and with current materials/color choices will command the highest prices.

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