Brass is Back!

With all of the chrome and nickel finishes in homes nowadays, it’s hard to remember brass as the metal of choice for new and on-trend home fixtures. Well, I am pleased to announce that BRASS is BACK!

The Victorian Era was a time of eclectic historical styles merged with Asian and Middle-Eastern influenced furnishings that featured heavily ornamented ‘public’ rooms to display personal tastes and interests. Brass fixtures highlighted the good taste of the owners of these homes and have since been a symbol of elegance, luxury, and timelessness. Brass re-emerged in the mid-20th century as a prominent metal in home decor, and again in the 1970’s as a high-polished, yet softer accent in contrast to the slick chrome of the 1960’s. Over time, warmer brass and copper accents have competed with cooler nickel and chrome. After the last 4 decades being dominated by the glossy, cool nickel the pendulum is finally returning to the favor of brass.

There are many reasons brass is back on trend, but mostly because human nature is to be bored; silver tones have been around too long and are now beginning to seem commonplace. Another reason we’re seeing the resurgence of brass is the warmth and sophistication it brings to a room. A fixture or furniture piece with non-lacquered brass will age gracefully with time and gradually establish a patina that cannot be overlooked. Antique brass accents are predominantly what we are seeing being re-introduced to homes that also tie in with existing polished brass accents.

Brass, whether polished or left natural, is an affordable metal to work with and will continue to cycle in and out of popularity in the decades to come. Here are some tips on how to introduce brass accents to your home:

  • Remove lacquer from existing brass accents and observe the natural patina develop overtime.
  • Install antique brass light fixtures in your entryways, kitchen, or bathrooms. Consignment and resale shops will be a great place to search!
  • Non-permanent home decor accents (vases, bookends, etc.) and knick-knacks, for those of you on the fence about re-committing to brass.
  • Furniture pieces with brass legs or trim detail to add a classic & organic finishing touch.

If you need more convincing, visit the websites in the links below. You’ll find that brass has been on its comeback tour for a few years now. These links will provide information on how to remove lacquer from polished brass as well as how to care for the natural metal. There are also links to retailers who’ve joined in the revitalization of brass home decor!

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I’m looking forward to seeing more brass home decor during this Spring and Summer Real Estate Season!

– Stephanie Brown