City of Plymouth Real Estate Values Continue to Surge


The City of Plymouth real estate market continues to see strong demand, limited supply, and consequently – steadily rising prices. Average sales prices are up again this year and have surpassed pre-recession highs with the market recovering just as quickly as it collapsed.  Desirable homes with good locations often sell in days with multiple offers and oftentimes, over asking price. If you live in the City, I’m sure you’ve heard your friends and neighbors talk about the this or that house which sold instantly with multiple offers.  Another interesting change in the market is the increase in the number of cash offers we are seeing.  These might be well-heeled buyers downsizing from a larger home in the Township, or a buyer obtaining seller financing from a cash purchaser. If you are trying to buy in Plymouth, it’s not easy to say the least but the good news is that more homes continue to come on the market as sellers see what they can sell for.