Northville’s Mill Race Historical Village


Located adjacent to Ford Field Park in downtown Northville, Mill Race Historical Village is a charming enclave of preserved 19th century buildings along with a couple of accurate reproductions. The site was originally a grist mill and then later a Ford factory.  In 1972 the site was donated to the City of Northville.DSC_1368

You enter Mill Race by crossing a rustic wooden bridge. There are different styles of homes and buildings including a school, church, and several homes. The setting is quiet, slow, and immensely calming as the history of each structure walks you backwards in time. I’m reminded of Greenfield Village but on a vastly smaller scale and without the crowds and rides.

Community features like this help make living in Northville so enjoyable. From nearby homes, you can walk to places like Ford Field Park’s play structure and fields, downtown shops and restaurants, or stroll through an architectural museum.

To learn more about Mill Race Historical Village, you can visit their website here.