Sun and Snow Ski Rental in Downtown Plymouth

skisMost people think of restaurants, home decor, ice sculptures, and outdoor festivals when they think of Plymouth.  But there is also a strong retail sector in the downtown including one of the areas finest sports shops.

Sun & Snow opened nearly three years ago and has since expanded its store (taking over the bakery next door). Ski equipment rentals are one huge benefit that area residents can take advantage of lessening the logistics of resort rentals.  If you’ve ever had to outfit a family with ski equipment at a resort, you know the process can be demanding and patience testing to say the least.  With renting in advance, its one less thing you need to worry about when you arrive!  We’ve rented equipment here before and have been very happy with quality and friendliness of service. In addition, Sun & Snow is locally (Plymouth) owned and operated and you’ll find them at the corner of Main St. and Ann Arbor Trail right across from Starbucks and Panera Bread.