Old Houses are like Old Cars – To Be Preserved for the Next Generation

There are so many classic homes around Plymouth and Northville that you can lose yourself in the people, history, and stories that accompany each one. Some of these homes have been lovingly maintained and/or restored, others have been expanded and updated, while others are in need of maintenance and care.  Whatever their condition, these homes from modest to stately, are part of the community fabric representing  the founding families who built them, to the generations of owners who have lived in them since. They are like old cars.  Many are from the 1920’s, some from the 1940’s and more from the 1950’s – just like at the recent Concours d’Elegance in Plymouth.  Here’s a recent video about a Plymouth resident and her Packard. The driving scenes were filmed around downtown Plymouth’s Hough Park neighborhood – the perfect place for a slow drive down tree-lined streets graced with classic homes. Click on the above for a wonderful video of a long time Plymouth resident, car enthusiast, and philanthropist Margaret Dunning and her Packard.