Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant Now Open In Downtown Plymouth

Update April 10th, 2010: We took the family there last weekend and although the place was a little under-staffed, the food did deliver on the promise of the exotic. As a new restaruant, we like to reserve judgement until things settle down.

It’s official, Plymouth has an Ethiopian Restaurant! Located in Charlestown Square Plaze, the new Addis Ababa promises to add an exotic flavor to the restaurant choices offered in downtown Plymouth. We haven’t had a chance to try the Zilzil Wat or the Defen Yemisir Alecha but we are looking forward to it! You can find Addis Ababa at 273 N. Main St. or call them at 734-414-9935. There’s no sign yet so look for the name on a door on the right hand side of the plaza as you enter.