Plymouth Michigan’s Historic Penn Theatre

new PennOne of Plymouth’s most historic attractions is also someplace to see exotic foreign locations, classical music, and futuristic science fiction.  The Penn Theatre has movies (second run), Plymouth Symphony concerts, and various other forms of live entertainment throughout the year.  As one of metro Detroit’s few remaining old theatres, the Penn has quite a history (open 1941) which you can read about here. The Penn is on Penniman Avenue directly across from Kellogg Park and there’s plenty of free parking close by. So instead of driving to the 20 screen megaplex and parking your car a mile away for a movie, you can come to Plymouth, park your car steps away or just walk, buy a cheap ticket with no lines, and walk right in. If you are lucky enough to live nearby, the Penn makes a great spontaneous evening out since you can travel from the couch in your home to a seat at the Penn in a few minutes! The photo above shows the new “PENN” letters and marquee.  Let’s hope the Penn will continue to be one of Plymouth’s lasting attractions. For more information about the Penn including coming attractions, click herewinter penn