Preparing Your Home for Sale

dsc_1875Here’s a list of items you may want to consider doing when selling your home. Obviously, the more you do to prepare your home for sale, the more and higher offers you will get.  And even if you aren’t selling, some of these ideas will help you enjoy your home to the fullest.  One of life’s biggest regrets is updating a bathroom, kitchen, or basement, just before you sell it and never enjoying that new kitchen or finished basement!

  1. Remove clutter from basements, closets, extra bedrooms, garages, decks, and everywhere.  Get rid of the extra stuff through garage sales, charitable donations, or storage. Potential buyers should see vast open storage areas and closets when they go through your home – not shelves stuffed full of junk. You want buyers to notice how much storage your home offers vs. how much stuff you have.
  2. Use rooms for what they were designed for. Bedrooms should have beds in them and not extra computer or exercise equipment. Den’s should have desks and  books in them and not be a play room for the kids.  The more you can help buyers visualize how a space should be used – the better. For example, when there’s a pool in the backyard, buyers will have a hard time liking the size and privacy of the year.  Instead, they will remember the pool and that can work for you or more likely, against you.
  3. Clean, paint, and refinish as required.  Any cosmetic imperfections are easy eye-catchers and also easy to repair. Old and out-of-style wall paper should be removed and walls repainted a neutral color. Avoid bold colors unless you have a great sense for color.  Often, a bold color will have buyers commenting about your color sense vs. the size and functionality of the room. Walls, door handles, light switches should all be cleaned. Floors, furniture, wall hangings, everything inside and out should be spotless. Make sure to clean all your light fixtures and light bulbs. You’ll be surprised how much brighter your rooms will look!
  4. Neutralize the decor by removing personal items such as family pictures.  You want the potential buyer to see the home and picture themselves there.  You want to paint a picture where they buyer can easily imagine living there and not spend time noticing your personal belongings or what your kids look like. Imagine a nice upscale hotel lobby or a great model home. It’s ok obviously to keep a few things out – enough to add warmth and comfort.

There’s plenty of more things that can be done of course.  This list is just a start. When you list your home for sale, we’ll share more things you can do to really set your home apart from the competition. Contact Carrie at 734-788-2398 for more information.