Are Your Property Taxes too High?

Every year around this time, we get calls from our clients asking about their property taxes. People may feel their assessment and their taxes are too high.  This was especially true several years ago when values were dropping faster than city and township assessors could keep up. But with values increasing again, people are likely to see their assessment increase this year and even last year. property taxes

After you get your assessment in the mail, you can contest your assessment through your local board of review. You will need to arrange an appointment and fill in the necessary forms in advance.  And then you will be granted your session in front of the board where you can state your case.  The board will be well equipped with a lot of data so it’s best to come prepared.

That’s where we can help you by providing recent sales data on comparable homes.  We sometimes even have data on private sales which you won’t find on public websites.  And we’ll be able to explain why a particular home sold for a particular price.

It’s not an easy process and the more preparation you do, the better.  Not only will you have a clearer picture of whether your assessment is too high or low, but also whether it’s worth your time and effort to contest the assessment at all.

But in cases where an assessment is too high, correcting it could save you money this year and every year thereafter. We obviously aren’t tax advisors but we do know the value of Real Estate in Plymouth and Northville. So feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to share our thoughts with you.