Whirlpool Introduces a New Finish For Premium Kitchens

Whirlpool White Ice

The HGTV era certainly raised the expectation level of buyers when it comes to their kitchens. For many home buyers, Granite countertops and Stainless Steel appliances are non-negotiable. And with our local real estate market making a strong comeback, people are once again investing in home improvements, building additions, and even complete tear downs and new construction.

Floating Glass White Appliances

So if it’s time to update your old kitchen, build a new kitchen, or just replace older appliances, the question we often get from clients is whether they should select Stainless Steel for their new appliances. When it comes to resale, Stainless Steel is almost always more attractive than black or white appliances. And they are certainly more desirable than older almond or avacado or mismatched appliances!  But newer finishes and materials are always being introduced to spur on incremental and replacement appliance purchasing. Material usage such as Floating Glass have a deep, glossy, and reflective finish that can really turn an unremarkable appliance into a beautiful object.  Michigan’s Whirlpool recently introduced a new finish called White Ice accented with Stainless Steel details to modernize the plain white appliance (photo above). It’s a clean, contemporary look that will can instantly update a classic white.

But at the end of the day, I believe Stainless Steel will remain as timeless a finish as any. Commercial kitchens and appliances have used Stainless Steel for years and that is not likely to change anytime soon.  Therefore, I expect high-end, near-commercial grade appliances to remain stainless steel for the foreseeable future. while there are still many other colors and finishes that will allow people to personalize their kitchens.

Here’s a link to an article about Whirlpool’s new White Ice:

So Long, Stainless: Whirlpool Introduces a New Finish For Premium Kitchens – RefrigeratorInfo.com.