2021 Plymouth Ice Festival (February 12-14)

The 2021 Plymouth Ice Festival is this weekend (February 12th through 14th) in Downtown Plymouth. It’s going to be different this year.  There won’t be the displays around park but there will be numerous sculptures in front of downtown business. Plymouth sidewalks will be lined with over 65 ice carvings! Here are some photos from past years with an ice bonfire that lit up the night sky. For more information, go to www.plymouthicefestival.com.


The Ice Festival is one of several street festivals in Downtown Plymouth that take place throughout the year (usually).  The area is very walkable with plenty of parks, shops, restaurants, and entertainment – along with plenty of parking. Plymouth also has beautiful residential tree-lined streets with lots of gorgeous historic homes making it one of the area’s prettiest and most walkable small towns. plymouthicefestival-penn-patrickwong