Plymouth and Northville Real Estate Values – the First Six Months of 2017 Show Continued Price Growth

It’s mid-summer and we now have data for the first six months of 2017! Our markets of Plymouth and Northville, both City and Township, remain strong and steady. The charts are fairly self-explanatory and locals know how intense the market is around us. The City of Plymouth continues to increase in value as the downtown area flourishes with busy shops, restaurants, and events.  The City of Northville has also seen significant increases in value while the number of new listings remains low across the region. The Townships of both Plymouth and Northville have also shown steady price increases in addition to growing new development activity – especially in Northville Township. The lack of inventory as shown below illustrates that in an area where there is limited opportunity for new development, the price of existing homes will appreciate in a strong market.


Plymouth and Northville New Listings