Which Home Improvements will Return my Investment? 2009 Cost vs. Value Report: REALTOR® Magazine

One of the questions we get all the time is “which home improvements can I do that will increase my home’s selling price?” That’s not a simple question given all the variables involved with home improvement projects. But as a rule of thumb, we like to suggest that people perform improvements that they can enjoy while living in the home vs. waiting until it’s time to sell. Having said that, there are always small and large things that we recommend to sellers when selling their home that will improve home value. For another opinion, here’s an article from Realtor Magazine with some ideas on how to improve your home’s value – both for you to enjoy now and for when it comes time to sell: 2009 Cost vs. Value Report: REALTOR® Magazine. To see properties for sale in Plymouth and Northville, please visit our homepage at www.bobbake.com.  Thank you.