Panache 447: New Restaurant NOW OPEN in Downtown Plymouth, MI!

(Update: Panache is no longer open)  Panache (Phone Number 734-386-8447) at 447 Forest in downtown Plymouth is the talk of the town!  We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but it sure looks exciting. We’ll get in there soon to try it out and report back once things settle down.

(Update 10-13-11:  They have a website now and the opening is set for November 2011.) Walked by the new Panache 447 restaurant on Forest St. and work is progressing steadily.  Opening soon where the 1999 Tavern used to be, Panache 447 is aiming to take dining to the next level in downtown in terms of atmosphere and menu.  Let’s hope they succeed as dining options continue to expand in downtown.

13 thoughts on “Panache 447: New Restaurant NOW OPEN in Downtown Plymouth, MI!

  1. I also walked by and this looks like it could be a real up and coming place for people off all ages to attend. A much needed addition to the Plymouth food and bar scene! I can’t wait to try it.

  2. I agree. It seems like they are going above and beyond to really create something exciting. I heard they are also putting together a great team in the kitchen for some exciting food. I am not sure when they are opening, but it seems like it will for sure be the place to be. I look forward to the “experience”.

    1. I’ve heard the menu and design is going to be like no other place in the area. We need something refreshing like this in Plymouth! Rumor also has it that they are opening up the upstairs as a lounge and dance floor. Anyone else heard what it’s going to be?

  3. The website says November 2011 opening – I’ve updated the post with a link as well. Looking forward to it!

  4. The service and food are fantastic! They have an original menu, wonderful drink menu and a great atmosphere. I’m excited about coming back after their “Grand Opening” to experience their full menu.

  5. Had dessert at Panache on grand opening night. Desset was incredible!! The red velvet cake and milk shake melted in my mouth. It is a very chic atmosphere. Loved the decor and backround music. I will be stopping back…..

    1. I spoke to several people who had dinner there this weekend and the reviews are excellent! We can’t wait to try it ourselves.

  6. We’re excited about our reservation for Saturday night. They actually called to confirm! I hope this indicates great things to come.

  7. I had lunch with my boyfriend here today. They are a new establishment so some complications can be expected. The table service was very good and the atmosphere was awesome. Its a nice place so we fully understood how the prices would be. However, we ordered burgers and it took about 45 minutes to get them. The burgers were mostly all bread (a baguette which was kind of weird) and the toppings were portioned much too lightly. Ketchup and mustard had to be ordered by request which when it finally came was also much too small. (we had to ask for 2 more) It seems like panache has tried to incorporate some cool new types of food to the menu which is awesome but this is after all America and I don’t think any restaurant should stray too far from a normal American burger especially when your paying $13 for it. Our drinks were amazing but as for the food, I wouldn’t go back to eat. It’s a very cool Place to grab drinks and relax with friends.

  8. Disappointed best describes the experience of Saturday night. We were ushered upstairs and seated, but after our drinks arrived we were asked to vacate the table –as we had been seated in a “reserved area”. Food could be better, lacks salt. Service was attempted but lacked professionalism. Lighting is terrible if you’re facing the pseudo Chihuly.

    If you are interested in a Sex in the City cosmos pushing experience, try Panache 447. If you want an evening out with great food and terrific service try Table 5 in Northville, where they actually have an espresso machine.

    Also, a plea to Mommies and Daddies; please hire babysitters or better yet go to Applebees where they have highchairs and crayons. Oh… let’s not forget the arrival of the beautiful people in the “reserved area” with their mylar balloons and centerpieces.

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